We Didn’t Start the Fire

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The number of pros that vaping has over cigarettes is virtually endless. There is one subject we have not tackled on here however, that is perhaps one of the biggest safety concerns of them all: fires. It’s little wonder that that bit of flaming tobacco that people idly hold in their hands cause a number of fires. But were you aware of how many?

The National Fire Protection Association is. In their most recent set of statistics, they show just how dangerous cancer sticks can be (and not just from all the toxins you’re breathing in). Over 600 million dollars in damages to start. Over 1600 people injured. And most tragically, more than 540 people died in house fires started by cigarettes.

540 lives cut short, often not even the person smoking. Aren’t you glad you switched to vaping?

However, it’s worth noting that improperly handling or charging your e-cig can also be dangerous, though the technology is constantly improving.  For some tips on how to minimize your risks even further, revisit this older post here to brush up.

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