Vaping Instead of Smoking? Dr Vape It
Smoking Cessation Success Stories.


Give us your "smoking-to-vaping" story and share it with others!

Are you vaping and not smoking? Create a video about how you stopped smoking and started vaping and upload it to our facebook page for a free bottle of juice! The following are experiences shared by smokers just like you who have begun vaping and wouldn’t switch back! Dr Vape It hopes to share these experiences will help you take the painless prescription to stop smoking! You are encouraged to contact us and we will arrange to shoot your testimonial at one of our 6-conveniently located stores.

Shawn shares how proud her children are she quit smoking!

Shawn quit smoking 3-months ago and went from 6 to 3 to 1.5mg's of nicotine. She explains how quitting in 1-day a 1-pack-a-day smoking habit was painless and easy with vaping!

LeeAnn found vaping for her Dad but she likes it too!

LeeAnn likes the service she receives at Dr Vape It. Also, the numerous locations open 9-9pm 7-days a week makes it convenient for her to get what she needs around her work schedule. As a low nicotine big cloud enthusiast she discusses the merits of hardware and the right juice.

Gretta started vaping and never looked back!

Gretta is a confirmed vapor! After smoking up to 3-packs a day, she moved to Panama City Beach, Florida and discovered vaping and never looked back. In this testimonial, she talks about how she stopped smoking and started vaping and why she likes Dr Vape It for all her juice and hardware products.

Why Jordan started smoking but quit.

After realizing that her pack and a half a day habit wasn't something she could control, Jordan made the switch to vaping. Being local to Panama City Beach, Florida she naturally landed at Dr Vape It because she trusted their products, eLiquid, and service!

Amanda switched to vaping and shops at Dr Vape It!

Dr Vape It gave away the first of three 55" Flat Screen TV's and we used the opportunity to get Amanda's story about vaping and why she chooses Dr Vape It

Tara Singer started vaping due to health problems caused by smoking

Tara Singer uploaded her video to facebook and got a free 50ml juice. You can too, it's easy and fun and helps people quit!

Allen quit a 2-Pack-A-Day Smoking Habit and switched to vaping!

Allen agreed to provide us with his story of quitting smoking and why Dr Vape It is his choice for quality ecig juice and vaping products.

Dr Vape It has your prescription to stop smoking!