Vaping Tips: The Learning Curve

Arthur Kineard, owner of Dr Vape It gives his top tips for the Beginning vapor

Just some of the things everybody should know before they stop smoking and start vaping.

Getting Started.

Arthur Kineard, owner of Dr Vape It gives his top tips starting with the learning curve people normally encounter when going from smoking to vaping

Health Savings.

When you quit smoking and start vaping there is some initial harshness to your throat but this is the esophagus healing. There are many savings associated with vaping, not only to your physical health but the healthcare costs associated with smoking disappear.

Nicotine Facts.

If you quit smoking and start vaping you will probably need a substantial degree of nicotine in your vaping e-liquid juice to begin with, and gradually decrease your intake until you can eliminate it all together, if you wish. Also a current health warning about a dangerous trend called "salt nicotine."

Basic Operation of the Vaping Device.

Just the basics of operating an electronic "e-cig" Vaping device. Different levels of technology, turning on and off, batteries, coils, tanks, filling, priming, etc.

Battery Safety.

One of the most exploited subjects for the misinformation machine is battery safety. All batteries have the potential to be dangerous if used improperly but employing a little common sense you will wonder what the fuss is about.

Go Zero! 0mg Nicotine Vaping.

People who love to vape eventually go zero! Why, because they love vaping, it isn't about smoking cessation anymore. P.S. When it comes to young people, we all wish they would calm down and just breathe air, however if they want to,they will find a way to vape and 0mg nicotine is the safest way to start if you never smoked.

Don't Be A Vape Douche!

Back to common sense when it comes to vaping. Don't be rude, not everyone enjoys the pleasure you take in expressing huge clouds and it makes us all look bad when a couple folks never learned to say "yes ma'am" and "no-sir." Don't Be A Vape Douche!

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