Vaping leads teens to smoking? Science says no.

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You’ve heard it we’re sure. “Those darn e-cigs are gonna corrupt our kids! Make them smoke real cigs in a heartbeat!” There is usually a cane being waved around and mutters to get off of the yard that accompanies it. Or worse, its voiced by some greying white guy from behind a podium as he espouses his silly views to his fellow congressmen.

In a way, it makes sense, if you don’t think about it too long. Its a similar motion, similar action correct? There is a glaring problem however: regular cigarettes cost more, and taste bad. It would be the equivalent of eating 1 dollar candy bars for a snack everyday, then suddenly making the switch to 3 dollar pinecones.

Luckily, we have science to help try and convince those for who logic seems to have fled. Recently a pair of studies have come out the show that teens simply are not making that switch. And more importantly tobacco cigarette usage among teens has had its largest drop in over 40 years during the period that e-cigs have hit the market. In short: ignore your government and actually look at the science. You could almost think that the government and the CDC has some sort of ulterior motive for eliminating the vaping market. Hmmm.

Obviously, we hope our kids won’t decide to vape or smoke.  But since the two are obviously not the same, nor does vaping lead to smoking, there’s no logical reason to restrict vaping for adults because of fears of kids smoking. The evidence so far is pretty clear. So the next time you encounter someone clearly out of touch with reality, show them this blog, and maybe send the link to this article. It may be a lost cause, but at least you will have tried! 

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