Vaping laws are extended

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photo for a blog article on the extension of vaping laws showing a young girl diffused through vapor mist

Vaping laws are extended

Sometimes things that are too good to be true… are actually true!

The vaping industry dodged a huge bullet and we are thrilled!

The FDA put in place compliance regulation that would have put us out of business and now they have extended those regulations from November 8, 2018 to August 8, 2021. These were called the PMTA: PreMarket Tobacco Applications

Now this is not perfect but it does pave the way for a complete reversal of these regulations.

We all know in the vaping community that the best smoking alternative is vaping. Unlike nicotine gum or patch, vaping offers an experience that mirrors smoking while substantially mitigating the risks. Former smokers tell us the hand to mouth sensation is satisfied with vaping like nothing else!

Read more about this new regulation here…

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