Are Vaping Batteries exploding or are the lawsuits?

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The Informer dispels the myths and provides the truth about vaping batteries.

Suing makers and sellers of lithium batteries used for e-cigs is turning into a burgeoning market for personal injury lawyers.

A suburban Chicago couple says their sex life has been damaged by vape batteries, and they’re suing two area vape shops and battery manufacturer LG Electronics for negligence and product liability.

Aggressive law firms are recruiting vapers and promoting these suits as opportunities. We recently reported on a South Carolina man suing Sony for a battery that exploded when he carried it uncovered in a pocket with change and keys.

That’s a recipe for battery disaster. And it appears that the Plainfield, IL man did the same thing — but in this case, he had two batteries as spares in his pocket. Metal objects can connect the positive and negative poles of a battery, which causes a dead short. And that’s how many, if not most, “battery explosions” occur.

Dr. Vape It and The Informer want to share the truth behind what you hear in the news. Source

Watch our video to learn more about battery safety!

Arthur Kineard, otherwise known as the informer delivers another informative installment on the batteries. The hype, and the truth and some common sense advice.

It happens when a battery is removed from the device and placed in a handbag or pocket with coins and keys, which make the positive/negative connection that will cause the explosion.

There have been 25 cases of batteries exploding, according to the UD Fire Administration between 2009 & 2014. Based on the news coverage you would think there were a lot more.

Remember how many people in the USA died from smoking last year? 480,000! How many died last year from Vaping? NONE!

Don’t Smoke it! Vape it!

3 Comments on “Are Vaping Batteries exploding or are the lawsuits?”

    1. Thanks for the update, the article seems credible. We are not trying to suppress towards a particular bias. I think we are trying in fact make the point that vaping taken into context and performed properly is not even equatable by comparison to the health risks of smoking and that simple battery safety procedures should be a part of the vaping habit!

  1. It might also be worth looking, assuming one is being objective here, into the incidence of batteries exploding in general. What about other “personal” devices with external batteries? A good point was made as well by the author here, about the exposure to risk in the choice of using a sealed, non-removable battery versus the removable type. But the reality is, if you’re looking to indict vaping as an unhealthy vice, I’m sure you will find all sorts of evidence to bend to that end. Likewise, when we compare the relative safety of smoking to the safety of vaping, there is an inordinately large amount of data to support replacing smoking with vaping. And as the man said, “trollers gonna troll.”

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