Unboxing the Squid Double Barrel V3 with Alex at Dr Vape It

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image of Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 Vaping ModALEX AT DR VAPE IT UNBOXES AND REVIEWS the Squid Industries Double Barrel V3.

The Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 utilizes simple, strong design features that take advantage of the strategic utilitarian ergonomics that are familiar to handgun enthusiasts and hardcore vaping enthusiasts as well.

Probably not for the beginner. The Squid Double Barrel V3 sells for $109.97 just for the vaping mod but delivers quality for every penny.

You may spend about $240.00 when you add the tank, batteries, and charger so this product is usually for someone who is upgrading to a stronger, more upscale device.

This is Squid Industries' flagship mod perfected.

Introducing the Double Barrel V3! This latest version of the Doubled Barrel maintains the sleek, sexy lines you've come to know and love from the Double Barrel. So how did we come about making changes to such an awesome mod? We listened to our customers and upgraded every potential shortcoming presented in previous versions! We increased the diameter to 25mm so that the new Double Barrel will accommodate your favorite attys. We upgraded the 510, flush-mounted the screen, and sealed the entire top portion of the mod, so whether you experience a leaky tank or over-drip, you won't have to worry about shorting out your mod with juice. We upgraded the contacts making them more flexible and more durable in case your mod takes an unexpected impact. We added a hinged door, no more losing battery doors! And last but not least, we upgraded our paint to powder-coat. Not only is this paint job more pleasing to the eye, but it's also much more durable!

image of Alex at Dr Vape It showing detail holding Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 Vaping ModSquid Industries says: "Whether you're a long time Squid owner or just testing the waters, this is the mod for you!" I think that I wouldn't recommend this for someone who is just "testing the waters."

I use the Squid Double Barrel, it's the vaping mod I use as my everyday carry and I love it, but it is a serious piece of hardware.

Introducing my main squeeze, what you're going to see me using whenever you see me in the shop, my Squid Industries Double Barrel. Mine is quite beat-up, but I'm going to show you some new ones today.

Squid Industries is a fantastic company. Squid Industries was founded by a Navy veteran and it is an American-made product and it is honestly one of the better vaping mods available on the market today. At $109.97, the Double Barrel V3 is pretty top-tier, and pricey.

There's a few reasons for that and I'll get to that towards the end of the video. Notice how theres a connection where you would thread your tank to your device with a spring in there to ensure you have a good connection. That's something that they have considered in their product's quality, and it is little hidden details like that throughout the mod's American Made design that contributes to the price, but makes it worth it as well.

Heavy. Simple. Solid. No charge ports or unnecessary buttons just pure American made goodness.

image of color selection Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 Vaping Mod


• Strong alloy constructed and powder-coated for a durable finish
• 5-150 watts variable wattage
• Multi-function firing button (doubles as wattage control)
• Takes dual 18650 high drain batteries
• Accommodates 25mm, and under, attys with no overhang


• 1 Double Barrel V3 mod
• 2 Mod guards
• 1 user manual

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