Big Tobacco Sees the Writing on the Wall

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Ever heard of the Altria group? Maybe not by that name, but you have. They’re a big, big company, and they’re about to lay off about 5% of their workforce. Why do you care? Well you probably know them by a different name: Philip Morris, America’s biggest tobacco brand. Altria has a problem. Sales are down – 2.6% just in … Read More

Vaping News: Bad journalism: Debunking the latest health scare

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In vaping news: Popcorn lung. You’ve probably heard about it, as it’s the latest boogeyman being used to attack the vaping industry by its opponents. A horrible disease caused by exposure to high levels of diacetyl – a substance that can allegedly be found in a number of vape juices. So that means we are all going to get bronchiolitis … Read More