Rep. Duncan Hunter: Vaping hero

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Not everyone in the government is out to ruin vaping. Just… most of them. Lucky for vapers, we do have allies on the hill – perhaps none so outspoken as Representative Duncan Hunter. On Thursday, Hunter brought out his vaporizer in the middle of a House Transportation Committee meeting and took a big ol’ puff. The committee was discussing legislation that would make it illegal to vape on airplanes, and Hunter – who credits vaping with helping him quit smoking/saving his life – was clearly against the idea. His efforts proved to be in vain however, as the amendment was passed. Nevermind the the FTC already banned vaping on planes. Our tax dollars at work?

On virtually every level, the vaping industry is under assault. The President just signed a bill that would require that any packaging that contained nicotine products be child resistant (most all juice manufacturers already use child resistant bottles). Many states are beginning to treat vaping as they would cigarettes, taxing and regulating them similarly. The FDA is making serious moves in that direction as well, as we have documented on this blog several times.

One bright spot – a common sense compromise – is a bill introduced by Representative Tom Cole that would allow the FDA to regulate vaping, as long as it did not simply just lump vaping products in with cigarettes. Our pal Hunter is one of 45 co-sponsors on this bill.

All this serves to highlight how important it is that you reach out to your elected representatives and express your views on the positives of vaping. Help the industry you know and love, and help yourself in the process!

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