Dr Vape It Product Reviews to help you find the right vaping products for your style of vaping.

In the world of vaping products, reviews help you navigate through and consider what might enhance your vaping experience. And, as the vaping industry evolves, it's good to know more about tanks, cartomizers, coils, batteries, customization and safety, wattage, vape mods, vape juices, vaporizers, cartridges, accessories, coils, etc.


The impressive hit and variability help smokers get used to the change and the simple features and design make it easy to use. The FreeMax Twister 80W Stick Mod has a small diameter and a compact height for convenience and conceal-ability.

First Impression of the Uwell Valyrian II 2 Sub-Ohm Tank:Alex unboxes the brand new Valyrian II Sub-Ohm tank by Uwell.

I know I get a lot of flak for not being more critical and calling out bad products, I just don't review many bad products because we don't carry them long enough before we know they suck and we get rid of them. That's not going to happen with the Valyrian II Sub-Ohm Tank because it is really a fantastic vape. –Alex

My first impressions of the 219 Morph Kit by Smok: The design is beautiful, Smok has upped their game with this latest convenient touchscreen device.Alex unboxes the 219 Morph Mod Kit by Smok.

The real changes are in the upgraded performance of the device, and it's quicker hit and stylish ergonomics. At first rip, the hit was extremely airy, so I had to choke it down a little to suit my taste. Once I made that adjustment, I got great cloud production, a warm and airy hit, and all for 65 watts. Also, I found the flavor to be a little muted, but only when compared to a build-your-own coil device.

Alex unboxes the drag Baby Trio Hybrid Tank system by voopoo

The Drag Baby Trio is a hybrid between pod convenience and tank system performance for vaping Salt Nic, Standard, and Max VG e-liquid juice formulations.

Drag Nano Pod System is a great alternative to big tobacco's juulAlex unboxes the drag nano pod system by voopoo

The Voopoo Drag Nano Pod System is by far one of the best replacements for the people who vape salt nicotine, and currently use big tobacco's Juul products. The Drag Nano Pod System allows you to use either standard juice or salt nicotine, and you can refill your pods using their well-placed input hole.

Alex unboxes and reviews the Orion Quest Pod Kit by Lost Vape

I consider this new SaltNic Pod Kit by Lost Vape the Orion Q to be the "Nord Killer" (Another popular pod device carried by Dr Vape It as an upgrade for vapers of salt nicotine from the traditional Juul device.)

the Nord by Smok is an upgrade to the Juul device for vaping Salt Nic e-liquid juiceAlex unboxes and reviews the Nord Pod Kit by Smok

The Nord is a Pod Kit that comes equipped with two exclusive coils, one ideal for standard e-liquid and another that is perfect for any brand of premium Salt Nic e-liquids. A perfect upgrade from the Juul.

X217 was designed to stimulate your senses. Its design embodies elegance, craftsmanship, and quality. The technology behind the X217 is interactive, with a spectral light stimulating your senses. It is incredible intelligence that will leave your increased vape experience.Alex unboxes and reviews the X217 Mod by Voopoo

My Initial impressions of Voopoo's X217: "Holy Cow!" this is a gorgeous Mod. Beefy, powerful, nice ramp up, and good heat. This mod by Voopoo delivers a fantastic hit!

Unboxing the Naboo Mod by Smoant, the first 2.4" colorful screen device in the world with Alex Greshem at Dr Vape It vaping stores in FloridaAlex unboxes and reviews the Naboo Mod by Smoant

The Naboo Mod by Smoant is popular for it's eye-candy cover that boasts the world's first 2.4" colorful screen design with 2+1 UI Modes and the ability to download custom images for your devices wallpaper as well as an animated music waveform mode that alters with the wattage you set for your hit.

image of the Smok V2 Species Kit for Alex at Dr Vape It unboxes and reviewsAlex unboxes and reviews Smok's Species V2 Starter Kit.

"Smok's Species V2 Starter Kit. This new Mod by Smok has some pretty cool technology going on with it, a really cool touchscreen which I have had a lot of fun with... With the touchscreen, all the clicking different sequences to advance through the menu and access features is much easier to do because it compliments the smartphone and other technology that we are all getting used to interacting with these days."

Dr Vape It. Don't Smoke It, Vape It.

image of rainbow color Smok V9 Max StickAlex unboxes and reviews the Smok V9 Max Stick Kit

"The Smok V9 Max Stick Kit, a stick with a very large battery and long battery life. It also affords larger juice capacity than many sticks out there. The coils are also nice and large, mesh coils. If you like the simplicity of a stick without variable wattage to set, in addition to all the other settings that come with the hi-tech mods out there."

Alex unboxes and reviews the Sigelei Shikra.

"Currently, this popular Box Mod retails for $102.97 and comes in a variety of smart colors and design features including a navigational joystick, customizable UI (User Interface) with a stylish, round TFT and allows the user to set a variable hit to deliver a rich flavorful hit."

Alex reviews the Voopoo Drag Mini

Alex Greshem from Dr Vape It unboxes the Drag Mini from Voopoo. This image shows thedifferent color schemes that are available"...attached to the chassis of the device itself we see the resin plate on one side laser etched with the "Drag" branding and the designer resin plate on the other side which has a unique pattern that is really cool and most of all distinctive, no one of them is the same, which is fantastic."

Alex reviews the Vaporesso Swag Starter Kit

image of the Vaporesso SWAG 80W TC Box Mod for Dr Vape It product unboxing at Dr Vape It 23rd St location in Panama City Beach Fl, For 4 years in a row Dr Vape It has been the News Herald's "Best of The Bay" reader's choice winner for price, product, service and hours."... "For me the Vaporesso Swag makes for a great vaping device to take out on the bike trail or to the club because of it's compact size and satisfying cloud producing hit!""