Possible FBI probe into Indiana’s anti-vaping legislation

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fbi vaping image from website: https://www.ibj.com/articles/60064-fbi-probing-for-possible-corruption-in-vaping-law

If you would, think back a bit to a couple of articles we ran about the insane law that Indiana enacted. Don’t recall? Well your best bet will be to look back a couple of months and give them a read.

The quick summary is this: Indiana made a law that said anyone selling vape products in the state had to have a security firm with very specific requirements. So specific, only one firm in the nation matched. This firm happened to be in the area of the bills sponsor. And that firm is picking and choosing who it will work with, in effect allowing it to create a monopoly. Isn’t government interference grand?

There is a tiny glimmer of hope though. It seems, though it has not been totally confirmed, that the FBI is starting to investigate. It is known they have been talking to lawmakers and vaping advocates within the state. Questions are being asked. Rocks are being turned over. Is it an official investigation? Maybe. Maybe not. But there is no doubt that once they do a little digging, they will come to realize the travesty that has been perpetrated on the people of Indiana.

Now if they will then do anything about it, well, this is our government. So who knows? You see, this idiotic bill violates the Dormant Commerce Clause of the Constitution. Which means a state cannot go around “passing legislation that improperly burdens or discriminates against interstate commerce.” Which this does, as businesses located outside the state have not been able to score one of those highly sought after security contracts.

Indiana, tighten up. And Dr. Vape It readers, keep an eye out. Your politicians are likely no smarter, so this could easily happen to you.

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