FDA considers Regulating Nicotine

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FDA considers Regulating Nicotine

FDA Wants to Cut Cigarette Nicotine Levels according to a Bloomberg article. Everyone knows cigarettes are deadly. And even with that knowledge; 36.5 million adults in the U.S. still smoke.
The government has tried everything from: Cancer labels and warnings, the restaurant bans and the grisly ad campaigns. Now the Food and Drug Administration is exploring a radical approach to helping people quit: regulating nicotine in cigarettes. If the FDA follows through — something far from certain — the shift could prompt some to quit or, at least, switch to relatively safer products like electronic cigarettes or vaping.
So, if you want to manage your nicotine yourself and avoid all the carcinogens in cigarettes…it is time to vape! How do you regulate the amount of nicotine in a plant?
I do not know.
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