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Arthur Kineard, owner of Dr Vape It gives his top tips for the Beginning vapor

The Informer just wants your introduction to vaping to be a success!

From basic operation of your new vaping device, battery safety, e-liquids and different levels of nicotine in your vaping juice to some of the common courtesy's and what to expect when you stop smoking and start vaping. Just some of the things everybody should know before they stop smoking and start vaping. Go here for a complete list of vaping tip videos from The Informer!

12 of Dr Vape It’s most commonly asked questions.

The experts at Dr Vape It answer questions about vaping, vaping products, e-liquid juice and the real facts concerning the potential health risks.

“What is vaping?”

By now you may be familiar with vaping from hearsay and observation. But now find out what the basics on vaping really are. Just the facts.

“Is vaping bad for me?”

The health effects of vaping vs smoking. Common misconceptions about the health affects of vaping demystified and explained.

“Are there any second-hand affects?”

What are the common myths surrounding the second-hand affects of vaping. Is it really harmful to others? Let’s get real!

“How do I get started vaping?”

Joe, talks about the new customer experience and describes the options available at any of our three convenient locations.

“Are there side effects to vaping?”

Beside the obvious benefits-living longer. Are there side effects to vaping? The vaping experts weigh in on this issue.

“Most common questions?”

Joe talks about the first questions on everyone’s mind when they consider vaping as an alternative to smoking: equipment and juice options…

“What is propylene glycol?”

Want to know what propylene glycol is and what it’s used for in vaping? Art from Dr Vape It explains the basic ingredient and what it does.

“What’s the price difference?”

Vaping’s cheaper than you think! And the alternative more costly. Art and Tim talk about the economic benefits of vaping vs smoking.

“Is there a learning curve?”

Is there a learning curve, of course. But it can be fun and easy if let the experts steer you in the right direction for you.

“Is nicotine harmful?”

People have a lot of confusion about the effects of nicotine in e liquid juice. Art and Tim clarify what the effects really are when vaping.

“What about equipment?”

The experts discuss the type of equipment available for the beginner and intermediate vaping customer. And the basic cost and benefit of each.

“What about e liquid juice?”

The guys at Dr Vape It discuss the quality and flavor and strength of their 50 different flavors of quality made e liquid juice.

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