The Informer: 66% Enhanced Airways in Smokers Who Switched to Vaping

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The Informer shares on a health survey: 66% report increase in lung capacity when they switched from smoking to vaping.

The Informer is not a health expert or scientist,
just a believer in the facts!

Changes in the Frequency of Airway Infections in Smokers Who Switched to Vaping: Results of an Online Survey

Article cited from the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy


Background and aim: Cell and animal studies suggested that use of e-cigarettes may increase vulnerability to respiratory infection, though the available studies have serious limitations. Limited data are available on respiratory health of vapers.

Methods: An on-line survey assessed subjective changes in respiratory symptoms in smokers who switched to vaping for at least two months.

Results: Among 941 responders, 29% reported no change in respiratory symptoms, 5% reported worsening, and 66% reported an improvement. Among qualitative comments, 232 elaborated on positive and 15 on negative experiences.

Conclusion: The switch from smoking to vaping was associated with a reduced incidence of self-reported respiratory infections. Further studies using objective measures in samples that are not self-selected are needed.

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