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From the The Informer:

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Former World Health Organization Staffer: “E-Cigarettes Save Lives”

Article cited from the The Spectator

This is an excerpt from a great article that really goes into depth on the role tobacco industry money, Government regulations, agenda-driven biased science, the FDA and other health organizations play in the regulation and control of the Vaping Industry.

I have pulled some relevant information to this topic, however, I have also included a link for those who wish to read the whole article:

“Penny Woods from the British Lung Foundation said ‘[new] data should again alleviate the fears expressed by some over an e-cig gateway effect’. Let’s spell this out. Unsupported statements are accepted as truth by policymakers and are used as the basis for stringent regulation of e-cigs in many jurisdictions.

This may well end up causing more public health harm than good. The benefits of e-cigs in helping smokers quit or cut down should be weighed against the danger of either recruiting new smokers or creating e-cig addicts. So far, there is no evidence that either of these things is happening. Studies in both Britain and America suggest that, as e-cig use increases, youth cigarette consumption declines.

Why are we in this position? One reason is that governments have become addicted to tobacco excise tax and may fear that, as e-cigs take off, they will lose a valuable source of revenue. Many leading NGOs and academics exert strong influence at WHO, within governments, in the media and among the general public. In the past, they helped bring tobacco control out of the shadows and into the mainstream of health policy. Now, alas, their intransigence threatens more profound progress.

We need clear, unambiguous messages to smokers about the safety and benefits of e-cigs. An example is the March 2014 statement on the Royal College of Physicians website that ‘the main benefit of e-cigarettes is that they provide inhalable nicotine in a formulation that mimics the behavioural components of smoking but has relatively little risk… Switching completely from tobacco to e-cigarettes achieves much the same in health terms as does quitting smoking and all nicotine use completely. Furthermore… risks associated with passive exposure to e-cigarette vapour are far less than those associated with passive exposure to tobacco smoke.”

I have also included this video from the same article citing the study above:

Dr. Derek Yach may be one of the most active anti-smoking advocates on the planet. He is a former professor of global health at Yale. In addition, he developed the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control a model that is now in effect in almost 180 countries.

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