The Informer: CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald buying tobacco stock

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From the The Informer:

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So you probably haven’t heard but the CDC director has just resigned.
Her name is Brenda Fitzgerald, why did she resign? Well, they found that she was actually buying stock in tobacco! Not only here in the United States, but also overseas. (In other words, investing in the GDP of other countries while on the taxpayer’s teat) Regardless it forced her to resign because she’s, well let’s face it, a little shady?
She’s investing money into big tobacco, something she is supposed to be watching for and controlling on the behalf of American’s health?

Let’s hope the next director isn’t involved in the opioid distribution or addicted.

What is Brenda Fitzgerald gonna do to hurt tobacco when she owns stock in five tobacco companies and then she invested in one of the largest tobacco companies based out of Japan so do you really think she’s looking out for your best interests or hers?!?

From The News:

This story highlights Fitzgerald bought tobacco stock after she took the position!

Article cited from CNN

(CNN) Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, resigned Wednesday, a day after Politico reported Fitzgerald’s purchase of tobacco stock after she took the position at the nation’s top public health agency.

Such an investment is obviously at odds with the mission of the CDC, considering cigarette smoking will result in the deaths of nearly half a million Americans this year. Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

The news of her stock purchases was first reported Tuesday. According to that report, Fitzgerald “bought tens of thousands of dollars in new stock holdings in at least a dozen companies,” including Japan Tobacco, one of the largest tobacco companies in the world.

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