Juice Review: Dew Drop Voltage

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image for blog article called dew drop. this flavor is a premium e-liquid juice flavor from Dr Vape It called Dew Drop captures the refreshing flavor of your favorite citrus soda!

I’ve reviewed many of the Dew flavors but before I paid close attention to what this one was, I tried it and loved it. Dew Drop Voltage is much like the famous Mountain Dew drink with the same raspberry citrus flavor and ginseng.

Juice Review: French Toast

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Dr Vape It's premium e-Liquid vaping juice flavor "French Toast" is, to quote a local author, artist, and vaping expert Kim Hill: it’s a mix of that yummy coated bread

If there is one thing I love, it’s french toast. I remember growing up and having it for breakfast and making it for myself after I got older. My favorite flavor of eJuice happens to be the same – french toast. The flavor is out of this world