Vapers: Pay attention to that EpiPen mess

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I think any decent human can agree that what Mylan, the drug manufacturer of the EpiPen, is doing is fairly despicable. Taking a potentially life-saving medicine and increasing the cost by hundreds of percent is a pretty awful thing to do, especially when there was no actual need to do so beyond increasing their bottom line. But you know what? … Read More

Juice Review: Cohiba

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I can honestly say that I haven’t had too many cigars but I remember one of the coolest things ever was to be out of the country (in this case, the Bahamas) and be able to have a Cuban cigar. I’m pretty sure it’s because it was one of those things where I felt as if I was doing something … Read More

Juice Review: Oakwood

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If you’re a former smoker who loved a light blend of cigarette, Oakwood is the perfect segue into vaping eJuice. This Turkish tobacco juice gives you a blend of an extremely light semi-sweet top note with the flavor of tobacco cured in the sun. In fact, this particular eJuice is an experience as much as it is a flavor profile. … Read More

Juice Review: Nuport

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Back when I smoked, I really didn’t care if I smoked menthol or regular cigarettes. I know, I’m an anomaly but I loved to smoke and if someone loaned me a cigarette then it didn’t matter to me which kind it was. All of that was just to mention that I loved menthol flavor as much as regular tobacco which … Read More

FDA: Truth in Advertising is Not Allowed

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As we continue to deal with the fallout of the onerous, industry strangling FDA regulations, a steady stream of more and more problems comes to light. The very regulations designed to ‘keep us safe’ are in fact making our lives less so, in incredibly idiotic ways. And who says the government never accomplishes anything… You will recall our article a … Read More

Juice Review: 555

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I promised to review a more traditional flavor and I’m finally doing it now – don’t judge me. Anyway, not everyone loves a dessert or fruit flavor of eJuice like myself and that’s okay. You don’t judge me, I won’t judge you. So this week, I decided to go with something that is more similar to traditional tobacco and that … Read More

Local Newspaper is Blowing Smoke

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Here at Dr. Vape It we love science. Love it. Without science we could not have typed this, you could not be reading this, and our subject matter (vaping) would not exist. Science is the bee’s knees, people. Bees. Knees. Science, however, requires context! Especially when it comes to reporting. Why are we bringing that up? If you guessed that … Read More

Juice Review: Green Apple

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I promised myself that this week would be the week I’d review a regular tobacco type of flavor but when I saw the green apple, I had to try it. I honestly cannot stay away from the wonderful flavor choices but I do promise to get to some of the regular flavors next time. Anyway, the green apple flavor is … Read More

Juice Review: Blueberry

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I want it I want it I want it! I want it now! Okay, so it’s Veruca Salt that has the whole “I want it now” attitude but it’s Violet who turns well, violet after chewing blueberry pie gum. Where exactly am I going with all of this? I found out that Dr. Vape It had a new, clear blueberry … Read More

Let Employees Vape Inside

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Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a country that was supportive of vaping? Well if you live in the land of tea and Brexit, then you certainly do (unlike we grubby colonials). Yes, as ever Britain is leading the way in support and logical dealings with vaping. If only our government would follow suit… The latest … Read More