What if Apple got into the vaping market?

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Remember back in the heady days before iPods? When you really wanted a portable mp3 player but they all kind of sucked? What about the time before the iPhone? Love it or hate it, you have to admit it is a solid product and has gone a long way to revolutionizing the phone industry. Ever owned a MacBook? It probably … Read More

We Didn’t Start the Fire

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The number of pros that vaping has over cigarettes is virtually endless. There is one subject we have not tackled on here however, that is perhaps one of the biggest safety concerns of them all: fires. It’s little wonder that that bit of flaming tobacco that people idly hold in their hands cause a number of fires. But were you … Read More

What to do with all that extra money?

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In last week’s article we discussed how much money you can save by switching to vaping. Which was an average of 1,200 a year (see our math here). If you are here, you have probably already done so, so your problem may be what to do with all that money! What an awesome problem to have! So we decided to … Read More

How much money does vaping save?

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We all know vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes. But have you ever stopped to do the math, and see how much so? Probably not, but fear not! We are here for you! So over the course of this we will be speaking in broad averages, which tend to err on the side of caution. So in actuality, depending on … Read More

What to do with all those old ashtrays?

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So you have quit smoking those horrid little cancer sticks! Go you! We are so proud of you! But you have a problem don’t you. You have all these ashtrays lying around, and no idea what to do with them. Maybe one belonged to your grandpa, another was a souvenir from that awesome trip to Europe, and the old antique … Read More

No Vaping in National Parks? C’mon..

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Sad news everyone. The National Parks Service, usually one of the more sound and sensible parts of our government, has come out against vaping. They have rules that vaping, and anything related, is now classed as smoking while within their boundaries. They are of course basing this on the shoddy reasoning of the FDA, which we have gone into countless … Read More

A smokeless future: No news is good Snus?

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snus image from website http://reason.com/blog/2016/12/20/fda-safer-alternative-to-smoking-cant-ca

Photo credit: Fox News Familiar with Snus? No? Not terribly surprising, as it has struggled to gain an appreciable foothold here in the States. For those unfamiliar, Snus are small packets of tobacco, like tiny little tea bags, that you place inside your upper lip. Think of dip, only without the mess, or the spitting. (Still sounds gross compared to vaping … Read More

A little last-minute rundown

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As our current government seeks to strangle the current vaping industry to death, choking the life from it with a massive amount of over-regulation, a question may have come to many of your minds: who in this election cycle has my interests as a vapor at heart? Well to the nine million vapors out there who do you think is … Read More

Possible FBI probe into Indiana’s anti-vaping legislation

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fbi vaping image from website: https://www.ibj.com/articles/60064-fbi-probing-for-possible-corruption-in-vaping-law

If you would, think back a bit to a couple of articles we ran about the insane law that Indiana enacted. Don’t recall? Well your best bet will be to look back a couple of months and give them a read. The quick summary is this: Indiana made a law that said anyone selling vape products in the state had … Read More