Panama City’s Easy Vape Solution for Retail Shops

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If you are a convenience store considering breaking into the market of selling e-cigarettes and e-liquid, Dr. Vape It is your perfect solution! Not only do we offer a convenient display with  juices and hardware for our consignment partners, we have the best customer service in the area. In the rare event that a problem crops up, we are quick and professional … Read More

Two Awesome Retail Locations & a Third on the Way!

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When you become a Dr. Vape It customer you will quickly come to realize that we are a company dedicated to quality, convenience, and customer service. This is highlighted by our professionally staffed retail locations, where you can come to know the Dr. Vape It way of doing business. Whether you are one of our consignment customers, a casual vaper, … Read More

Looking to Capitalize on the Vaping Trend? Dr. Vape It Has You Covered.

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As vaping continues to grow exponentially each year, ever growing numbers of shoppers will seek the expediency of getting their favorite flavors at their local convenience store. Coming legislation greatly restricting, or even eliminating online sales of vaping products altogether, is setting the stage for a boom market for area businesses able to provide these products. There is no reason why … Read More

How will FDA e-cig regs affect brick-and-mortar e-liquid sales?

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How will the new FDA regulations affect the sale of e-liquid?  We have some answers – rules on child-proof caps, ingredient listings, and health warnings will be reviewed at an FDA workshop in December of 2015.  These are all common sense changes that most e-liquid manufacturers and vendors welcome. What gets less press is the effect of new regs on how … Read More

OK! Black Friday Is On like Donkey Kong!!!

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Black Friday 11/28/14 || 9AM to 9PM only. This is the Sale of The Year! 50mL eLiquid. Introducing Panama City’s only 50mL eLiquid line. $9.99 normally $24.99. 30mL eLiquid normally $14.99; Black Friday $5.99. 10mL eLiquid normally $6.99; Black Friday $1.99. 510e Clearomizer .99 Leather Lanyards $4.99. eGo Lanyards .99 Aga T Geni Tank $9.99 Disposible Ecig $0.99 Boge F16 … Read More