Juice Review: Dew Drop Voltage

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image for blog article called dew drop. this flavor is a premium e-liquid juice flavor from Dr Vape It called Dew Drop captures the refreshing flavor of your favorite citrus soda!

I’ve reviewed many of the Dew flavors but before I paid close attention to what this one was, I tried it and loved it. Dew Drop Voltage is much like the famous Mountain Dew drink with the same raspberry citrus flavor and ginseng.

Juice Review: French Toast

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Dr Vape It's premium e-Liquid vaping juice flavor "French Toast" is, to quote a local author, artist, and vaping expert Kim Hill: it’s a mix of that yummy coated bread

If there is one thing I love, it’s french toast. I remember growing up and having it for breakfast and making it for myself after I got older. My favorite flavor of eJuice happens to be the same – french toast. The flavor is out of this world

Vaping laws are extended

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photo for a blog article on the extension of vaping laws showing a young girl diffused through vapor mist

We all know in the vaping community that the best smoking alternative is vaping. Unlike nicotine gum or patch, vaping offers an experience that mirrors smoking while substantially mitigating the risks.

FDA considers Regulating Nicotine

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image for blog article on the FDA considering Regulating Nicotine

FDA Wants to Cut Cigarette Nicotine Levels according to a Bloomberg article. Everyone knows cigarettes are deadly. And even with that knowledge; 36.5 million adults in the U.S. still smoke.