What if Apple got into the vaping market?

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Remember back in the heady days before iPods? When you really wanted a portable mp3 player but they all kind of sucked? What about the time before the iPhone? Love it or hate it, you have to admit it is a solid product and has gone a long way to revolutionizing the phone industry. Ever owned a MacBook? It probably still hasn’t crashed, years after buying it, has it?

What if they got into the vaping market?

Well, it looks like they might be, as they have filed a patent for a vaporizer. Filed in June of 2016, the image and documents clearly shows what is basically a type of vape device, though it does not clearly spell out what it would be vaporizing.

Now, do we expect them to revolutionize our industry as they have so many others? No. There is even a large amount of debate on if they will actually do anything with this patent. They may just sit on it until its seen how all the legislation pans out.

But can you imagine?

We can. And a major player with a massive war chest like Apple entering the fray on team Vape? That would only mean good things.

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