Dr Vape It has your painless prescription to stop Smoking.

Dr Vape It is your destination to quit smoking.

image of Dr Vape It DrVapeIt is your destination to quit smoking. We are where smoking ends and vaping begins. We have a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers for the beginner, intermediate, and expert.

Don’t Smoke It. Vape It.

This is where smoking ends and vaping begins. We have the widest variety of e-cig hardware for the beginner, intermediate, and expert. Friendly, Healthy, and Safe! That's our guarantee when you buy from Dr Vape It. We design and make our own e-cig juice in our pristine lab from medical grade ingredients and we carry all the most popular brands at our 7 convenient locations
We are your vapor store.

Not Everyone Loves Dr Vape It's Painless Prescription to Stop Smoking!

dr vape it branding asset Seymore Butt is a character created to lampoon smokers. A man with a cigarette filter for a head. Dr Vape It is the Bay's Best supplier of vaping eliquid and vaping products for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced vaping enthusiast

Seymore Butt: "I got your prescription, Dr Vape It!"

Yeah I got a cigarette-shaped head but I also have a huge multi-billion dollar industry behind me and I want to bring back "the good ole days."

OK! A little about me:
My name is Seymore Butt and I do not intend to be the butt of anybody's jokes when it comes to what I am really passionate about: I hate vaping! There I said it. They make me sick with there technology, nice smelling flavors and there utter lack of health-risks. Call me "old-school," but a vice should be harmful right?!? I'm not saying everyone who smokes should get cancer, but sick at least. Now people are vaping, climbing stairs, missing out on the smell, the expense. I used to make good money, now I'm like everybody else but I have this filter on my head.
Join me on a little trip down memory lane and watch some great TV spots dedicated to making people sick, I mean smoke...

Count On Us to handle all your vaping needs!

We are here to serve the community with professional, friendly and helpful staff. Dr Vape It always has the best and latest name brand products so you can be assured your purchase will last. For 4 years in a row Dr Vape It has been the News Herald's "Best of The Bay" reader's choice winner for price, product, service and hours.

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