What to do with all those old ashtrays?

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So you have quit smoking those horrid little cancer sticks! Go you! We are so proud of you!

But you have a problem don’t you.

You have all these ashtrays lying around, and no idea what to do with them. Maybe one belonged to your grandpa, another was a souvenir from that awesome trip to Europe, and the old antique one on the stand is just super cool.  It would be a shame to just throw them all away…and you don’t want to give them to a smoker, because why encourage them?

Well fear not! We are here to help!

First off, do a quick search online. They may actually be worth something. Shocker, but some people collect them. So you may be able to make a few bucks on eBay, if you are so inclined.

Now if you are somewhat crafty, here is a neat suggestion: turn them into candles. Some of these ashtrays have really cool shapes, and filled with good smelling wax and a wick, and boom! Great candle. And the irony of something good smelling coming from an ashtray is just delightful.

Depending on the shape and size, we have also seen people turn them into flower pots. Not for big plants of course, but for smaller plants, like herbs. And you have to admit, growing mint where you once snuffed menthol is fairly humorous.

If you scrub them out well enough, they could also make handy containers to hold anything from keys to change to paperclips. Or for resting paintbrushes (as shown above) or maybe even cooking utensils, depending on the shape.

And lastly, if you’re feeling crafty, there’s always Pinterest.

So there you go! If you have any ideas, let us know! Send us pics! And hey, if nothing else, you can always use them as skeet for target practice.

Photo credit: Pinterest user Margo Mazza Mudge

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