What to do with all that extra money?

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In last week’s article we discussed how much money you can save by switching to vaping. Which was an average of 1,200 a year (see our math here). If you are here, you have probably already done so, so your problem may be what to do with all that money! What an awesome problem to have!

So we decided to look around and see what awesome things you could do with 1,200 extra a year.

  • You could book a 3 night vacation package at Disneyland each year. Staying onsite, not in some ratty motel 6 an hour away. And you also would not have to stay in a smoking room, so your stay would smell fresh and pleasant. Who wouldn’t rather sip a mai-tai poolside than have to give Tom Thumb their hard-earned cash in exchange for cartons every week?
  • Every five years you could buy a nice used car. 5 x 1200: six thousand dollars. A 3 second search on google turned up a delightful Honda Fit with only thirty thousand miles on it for 5,995 dollars. Wouldn’t you rather ride around in a smoke free new (to you) car?
  • Divided by week, it comes out to 23 dollars. With that, you could take a friend to the movies each week (or at least get the popcorn). They would thank you, and likely also be thankful their clothes don’t smell like your second hand smoke.  23 dollars would also buy a lot of Starbucks lattes.
  • You could go the responsible route and pay off some debt.  Yeah okay, not as exciting as the other options.  But it’s satisfying in its own right.

There you go, four awesome things you can do with that money! Go see a ton of movies! Go to Disneyland! Buy a car! Really, the only limit is your imagination! Well that, and 1,200 bucks.

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