No Vaping in National Parks? C’mon..

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Sad news everyone. The National Parks Service, usually one of the more sound and sensible parts of our government, has come out against vaping. They have rules that vaping, and anything related, is now classed as smoking while within their boundaries.

They are of course basing this on the shoddy reasoning of the FDA, which we have gone into countless times on this blog. Leaping onto the back of that organization’s inane methodologies and stats massaging, they have come to the conclusion that vaping is super harmful.
So now wherever smoking is banned, so too is vaping. Which is everywhere indoors, as well as a surprising, and growing list of places outside. Outside.

In a park. You will not be able to vape.


Let that sink in for a bit.

There is still a sliver of hope, as they are still hearing comments until early March. But said comments are unlikely to undo the ruling as it stands. That is unless some sort of major pressure can be brought to bear, but then who wants to bully the national parks service? So don’t expect any major players to try and come to the rescue.

The irony is they started the ‘Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires’ campaign. You know what starts fires? Cigarettes that haven’t been put out right. What doesn’t? Vaping. What helps people stop smoking cigarettes, and potentially leading to forest fires? Vaping.

It boggles the mind.

Speaking of quitting smoking – ever wonder what to do with all your old ashtrays?  Tune in next week!

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