How much money does vaping save?

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We all know vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes. But have you ever stopped to do the math, and see how much so? Probably not, but fear not! We are here for you!

So over the course of this we will be speaking in broad averages, which tend to err on the side of caution. So in actuality, depending on what brand you smoked, where you lived, and what you transitioned to, you could save more or less than the pretty insane number we are about to throw your way. But here we go!

Let’s say that the average pack of cigarettes is 5 dollars. That is the equivalent to about 3ml of e-juice. Dr. Vape It’s e-juice runs about $12  dollars per 30 ml. So 12 dollars will get you the equivalent of about 10  packs of cigarettes (a carton), saving you 38. If you smoked a pack a day, that totals to a yearly savings of almost 1,400 dollars.

1,400 dollars. A year. If you smoke over ten years, that’s 14,000 dollars.

‘But wait!’ cry the naysayers. ‘There are startup and maintenance costs! Cigs don’t have those!’

You are correct. But unless you like those fancy mods, you’re probably looking at less than 200 bucks a year. So you are only now saving….

1,200 dollars a year. 12,000 a decade.

What can you do with all that extra money?  Tune in next week!

And that’s before touching the medical costs associated with smoking.

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